Suparna Counselling and Psychotherapy Supervision Training Courses & CPD in North Yorkshire

Counselling & Psychotherapy Supervision Training Courses and CPD in North Yorkshire

At Suparna we are passionate about supervision as we believe that good quality supervision is essential for effective and safe practice in counselling and psychotherapy.

Good practice in supervision is not only underpinned by the supervisors experience and knowledge of counselling and psychotherapy, but also by a sound understanding of supervision theory that will inform effective supervision skills, competences and ethical practice. The BACP Ethical Framework (2018) acknowledges this stating that ‘Supervision requires additional skills and knowledge to those used for providing services directly to clients. Therefore supervisors require adequate levels of expertise acquired through training and/or experience’.

Suparna has been founded to provide good quality supervision training courses and on-going CPD opportunities for supervisors. Our trainers are highly qualified and have extensive experience in counselling, psychotherapy and supervision in a wide range of different contexts. All trainers have excellent group facilitation skills with many years’ experience of training counselling and psychotherapy supervisors.

The name 'Suparna' has several meanings including leafy, golden wings, ray of light, lotus flower, tree, wisdom and intelligence, all of which can be viewed as being representative of the insight, awareness, growth and the depth of knowledge and understanding that supervision seeks to engender, not just between supervisor and supervisee, but that we hope will ripple out into the therapeutic work, into the clients’ world and beyond. Suparna also symbolises skill, expertise, dynamism, creativity, affirmation and who provides nourishment to others and to relationships. These are some of the qualities that we believe are invaluable for the effectiveness of supervision and that also underpin our philosophy and approach to our training.

In January 2017 Suparna began delivering the Certificate / Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy Supervision. The course offers a comprehensive initial supervision training for experienced counsellors and psychotherapists who wish to develop and attain the knowledge and skills that are necessary to practice as effective, ethical and competent supervisors. The course has been developed to incorporate evidence based competences that balance both theoretical and practical elements.
Applications are now being accepted for the next cohort of this course which is due to start in January 2019.

‘A supervisor who has training and experience in the field offers the best possible safeguard for clients’
(Dansey, 2015)

Dansey, R (2015, pp.18) ‘Under the Microscope’ BACP Private Practice Journal, Autumn Edn.

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